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We are JESUITS, officially known as the SOCIETY OF JESUS, an international organization of priests and brothers in the life of the Catholic Church. Today, 470 years after its foundation, the Jesuits are spread all over the world and happen to be the largest religious organisation in the church. There are about 18,000 Jesuits working all over the world engaged in educational, social, scientific and other fields.

ST. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA is the founder of the Society of Jesus. He founded it in the year 1540 along with 6 companions at a time when the church was going through a crisis, historically known as the Reformation by Martin Luther.
For over a century the Jesuits have been in Gujarat. The poor, the exploited, the spiritual seekers, the social drop-outs and the deprived children are very special to us. We run schools, college, technical institutes and centres for higher learning.

We also work in parishes, retreat houses, with youth, and are spiritual guides to priests, sisters and lay people. In the missions, we are engaged in the pastoral, educational and social fields, designing innovative programmes in non-formal education, health care and legal aid.