What I see...

(From an early Jesuit prayer book)

What I see, good Jesus (you who are all my good), how you value human souls so greatly that to set them free you came down from heaven, took on the human condition, and poured out all your blood and your very life - when I see all this, how can I value souls lightly, how can I not burn, melt away, and pour out myself utterly for the salvation of my brothers?

Oh my God and my King, those hands of yours, your pierced and sacred side, call out to me and teach me what I must do and suffer for the sake of souls. Love and zeal for them pierced you more deeply than the lance's iron, more deeply than the nails themselves. Imprint on my soul the same love and holy zeal. Set me aflame with the zeal for the souls you went in quest of and for whom you laid down your life.

May this be my yearning for, my effort and concern. May I have no other goal, no thought of personal gain. Instead, may I hold myself happy as to what I suffer most for souls, or even have to die for them, so that I may come to be like you.


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